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jEditor - Fast & Powerful Text Editor

jEditor is a text code editor written in Swift. It supports RTF, RTFD, TXT, Microsoft Word files. It provides code completion and syntax coloring with amazing performance for C, CPP, C#, JavaScript, Swift, Java, CSS, XML, HTML, Plist, JSON, SQL, PHP, Python, Fortran, Go, Ruby, Perl and Rust languages.

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Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later

Sidebar - Organize Files & Folders

Open project folders in Sidebar with drag & drop to easily browse and open files. jEditor remembers the folders opened in sidebar so once a folder is added in sidebar can be easily re-opened from dropdown button. You can add and remvoe and re-order folders with drag & drop from Manage Folders in Sidebar window.

jEditor can restore the folders and documents from last session so on next launch of jEditor you will find it where you left off.

You can create, rename, move, move to trash files/folders from sidebar.

jEditor Main Window
jEditor - Split Editor

Split Editor

Split editors allows you to view or edit different parts of the document simultaneously. You can also open/edit other documents upto 5 in each window side by side using split editors.

Find & Replace

Finding & replacing text is easy in jEditor with multiple configurations like match case, match whole word, search using regular expression and other advanced find options. You can target current file, open files or open files & folders with find in files. You can choose the files or individual search results from each file to replace with replacement text.

Find bar shows results immediately as you type.

jEditor Find & Replace

More Features

  • Drag and drop files to open immediately in current window
  • Code completion makes writing code easier and faster
  • Automatic tag closing in HTML/XML
  • Automatic indentation while balancing brackets & quotes
  • Shift text left/right, indent/unindent and wrap lines with indentation
  • Move lines up or down and delete lines in multiple selection
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo support
  • Show/hide invisibles, comment in/out selected text
  • Change file encoding and line endings
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jEditor - Fast & Powerful Text Editor

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Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later