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jDM - Internet Download Manager

jDM is a download accelerator and manager written in Swift. You can resume interrupted downloads that cannot be completed due to network problems, connection lost, computer shut downs etc. jDM supports ftp, http and https protocols, redirects and authorization.

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Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later
  • ​​Increases download speed by splitting file in up to 32 threads
  • Resume interrupted downloads
  • Supports HTTPS, HTTP, FTP protocols, redirects & authorization
  • ​Written in Swift for best performance
  • Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox browsers Integration
  • Schedule downloads
  • Automatic restart for timed out downloads
  • Save passwords for different hosts
  • File management and simultaneous downloading
  • Filter, search and sort downloads
  • Enjoy safer and more rewarding downloading
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jDM Faster Downloading

Download Accelerator

jDM can split downloads in up to 32 threads to use all bandwidth and increases download speed dramatically by fetching segments simultaneously.

jDM Download Authentication


jDM can authenticate downloads with username and password or cookies. You can save cookies/passwords for different hosts so you are not asked next time downloading from same website.

jDM Browsers Integration

Browsers Integration

jDM Supports Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox browsers. The jDM extensions can catch all or specific file types downloads and send to jDM. The extensions also add 'Download All', 'Download Selected' and 'Download with jDM' context menu items in your prefered browser.

jDM Schedule Downloads

Schedule Downloads

jDM can be configured to automatically start downloading the files you want to at specific time set. After completing all downloads or schedule it can shut down or put your Mac on sleep mode or quit jDM.

jDM Download Videos

Download Videos

jDM can download any kind of files you want to but it also has the feature to find the streaming media in Google Chrome or Firefox and download them. To know more please visit jDM Extensions page.

Grab Websites

jDM allows you to download websites to local directory for offline browsing. It explores the website and shows all found files in the Site Grabber window. You can choose the files you wish to download. The files can be filtered by download categories and website directories. jDM can save each file in its respective category folder or in single directory and creates subfolders if needed. You can also pause and resume the website exploration.

jDM Site Grabber
Organize Downloads

Organize Downloads

You can create download categories in jDM Preferences to save files in different directories according to file types. These categories can be used to filter downloads in jDM. You can also filter downloads by file state (paused, downloading, finished etc).

Sort downloads by order of addition, filename, size, status or last try date. You can find files by just typing few words in Search Field. jDM also remembers recent searches.

Drag and Drop

Drag & drop text containing links or files (TXT, RTF, RTFD, HTML, PHP, JSON) to jDM and it will add all downloads by finding the URLs in them.

Automatic Download Resume

jDM supports automatic restart for timeout downloads. You can configure jDM to keep retrying the download for number of times when the download fails. You can also set time interval between download retries.

Preview & Info

The 'Get Info' window shows information of your download. jDM can show 'New Task' and 'New Multi-Task' windows when adding downloads. You can use these windows to rename files, change address, change referrer, add description, move files, open files etc.


More Features

  • Shows overall download speed in dock icon.
  • Sends notifications on download complete and failure.
  • You can customize toolbar items, show/hide and re-order columns. Show/hide filter bar and status bar.
  • jDM limits number of simultaneous downloads if more downloads are added then jDM puts them in Waiting Queue, as soon as a downloads finishes, next one will be automatically resumed.
  • Supported Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Traditional & Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
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jDM - Internet Download Manager

Download on App Store
Requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later